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Akashic Soul Expansion and Realignment

Are you feeling like there’s something deeper calling you? Something urging you to explore your soul’s purpose and unlock your true potential?

I’m thrilled to invite you on an incredible transformative process through my Akashic Soul Expansion and Realignment. It’s an amazing opportunity to access the huge source of knowledge available within the Akashic Records.

What is an Akashic Soul Realignment?

Akashic Records Reading is an advanced, multi-dimensional healing process that offers an extremely accurate and precise soul reading and clearing. The Akashic Records are a vast database containing every choice your soul has made since its first incarnation. This transformative modality can help you unlock your fullest potential and live a life of true freedom and joy.

An Akashic soul expansion and realignment reading will help you understand your soul’s nature, clear energetic blockages, and align you with your true life path and purpose.

Discover Your Soul’s Purpose”

  • Unlock Your Fullest Potential: By aligning with your Divine Soul Blueprint, you allow life force energy to flow more easily, enabling you to create the abundant, purposeful life you came here to experience.
  • Heal Your Life: This highly transformational reading provides specific, practical, and actionable information about who YOU are at soul level, revealing your divine gifts, soul origin, spirit guide team, and more.
  • Release Energetic Blocks and Restrictions: Clear negative thought forms, karmic debt, and other restrictions preventing you from fully living your divinity.

What You Will Discover:

During this Akashic Soul Expansion and Realignment session, you will gain profound insights into your soul’s identity, including:

  • Primary Energy Centre: Learn about the energetic qualities your soul is made of.
  • Soul Group of Origin: Discover where your soul’s journey began.
  • Chosen Life Lesson: Understand what your soul wants to experience in this lifetime.
  • Blocks and Karmic Patterns: Shed negative karmic patterns and restrictions for good.
  • Soul Story and Purpose: Embrace the divine nature of your soul and the purpose you intended to accomplish in this lifetime.
  • Spirit Guide Team: Find out how many spirit guides are available to work with you.
  • Past Life Circumstances: Gain insight into the origins of blocks and restrictions, empowering you to release their power over you.

Break Free from Persistent Patterns

If you find yourself repeating painful situations and relationships, this Akashic Soul Reading can help you break those patterns and free yourself to live the life you came here to experience.

What’s Included:

  • Akashic Records In-depth Information: Before our first session together, I’ll dedicate 2-3 hours to thoroughly review your Akashic Records. This extensive research enables me to delve deeper into your Divine Soul Blueprint, gaining a profound understanding of how you’ve created the negative karmic patterns impacting your current lifetime.
  • 60-Minute Call: A personalised phone session and a detailed report emailed to you.
  • Clearing work: Negative karmic patterns will be identified and cleared.
  • 21-Day Clearing Statement: A customised clearing statement to support your transformation.

When I access the Akashic Records for you, you won’t have to keep asking yourself, “Why did this happen?” The mysteries behind the events in your life will be revealed, and you’ll understand exactly why things show up the way they do. Plus, once you learn how you create, you’ll have the ability to manifest what you want and design your life just the way you want it to be.

Book Your Akashic Soul Expansion and Realignment

Schedule your Akashic Records Soul Expansion and Realignment session today, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Time to embrace your spiritual gifts and share them with the world. Together, we can make it happen!

Enter your details below to book a soul expansion and realignment reading or get in touch with me to ask any questions you might have. I’m excited to support you on your journey! x